Posted by on September 10, 2017

Decor has never had a significant place in my life. To be honest I didn’t think about it at all and felt like people who really cared about decor or their home surroundings were the very rich who could afford decorators and expensive pieces to furnish their home. It was not until I moved from my childhood home and bedroom into a new place that I ever really looked at what was in my room. I had a typical bedroom as a child. All white walls with posters of my favorite celebrities and teen heartthrobs. My room was identical to many of my childhood friends and classmates. Over the years I kept important items and keepsakes and had a bookshelf full of Harry Potter, the Princess Diaries series, and a tribal pattern rug. As I packed up my room and stood there with boxes and empty walls it hit me that even though a lot of thought hadn’t gone into my room, it was what made me who I am.


The years I spent at my bookshelf choosing which book to read and the wall of all the strong female celebrities that I wished to know and be friends with. It was the simple twin bed with the comfortable teal sheets and my white desk where I spent hours studying as a child and teenager. Each piece and item in my room held a story. It was the first time in my life I recall having an attachment to items of furniture. As we moved into a new house and I set up each item, this time I did it with more intention and care. Everything became special and I wanted to keep my room exactly as it had been before. As I’ve gotten older I appreciate when someone has a home and decor that reflects who they are and has special meaning to them. Everything in your home tells a story and should be important to you.


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