If you were to step foot into my home 15 years ago, you would immediately notice the bright orange and yellow walls surrounding the inside of my home. The paintings of ancient mud houses would grab your attention as you made your way across the hallway and into the living room. My parents would invite you to sit down on our firm pigskin leather furniture, making you feel as if you just entered a Mexican village home. This is just a peek of what my home looked like during my childhood years. My parents were born in Mexico but moved to the United States before they entered adulthood and have been living here ever since.


Growing up, I was taught to embrace my Mexican culture and to never forget where my family came from. My home looked different than that of my friends and neighbors because its interior encompassed the Mexican lifestyle. As a young child I would giggle at the stunned expressions of visitors as they entered my house for the first time. I didn’t realize the uniqueness of my home until I grew older and understood that my parents’ intentions were to keep our Mexican culture alive all these years. They created an atmosphere where guests could experience a culture shock as soon as they walked into our front door.


Fast forward 15 years later, my home no longer embodies the Mexican culture it once did. The walls have been painted a light beige, the ancient mud house paintings have been removed, and the firm pigskin leather furniture has been replaced with a modern l-shaped sofa. Through this experience, I have learned about the importance of decor and the impact it made within my home and life. Decor matters because it can serve to exemplify a family’s culture through interior home design. A few years from now, when I find myself owning my first home, I will decorate its interior in the same way my parents did when I was young and I will teach my children the significance of keeping our Mexican culture alive.